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    Bliss Studio focuses on Kids, Families and Life. We love being able to help capture the perfect moments that kids create all on their own. At Bliss we believe that printing and displaying your finished Art is important and we do our best to do just that. We will help from the beginning to the end to make sure you have finished pieces for your home that you are proud to hang. If you have found us we hope you are excited about our work and we look forward to working with you!

Designing Wall Collages

I have many clients who have purchased our beautiful Mini Canvas Collage (its on display on one of our studio walls). Its a fun little cluster of canvases that holds 7 images. I have a very special client who purchased this a few years ago and has limited wall space in her home. So rather than trying to figure out where she could hang prints from the new session she decided why not just add to her cluster she already has. Well, I was up for the challenge for rearranging to make a new design for her wall.  We did what we could via the computer but Im much more of a lay it out on the floor and see it in person kinda gal. So we did the best we could….and I went to her home with the new canvases we were going to add. We created the look we wanted on the floor first and then hung it on the wall. It was a blast! I really love the idea of adding to the clusters. With this one…the first session is all in BW and the 2nd session is all color. Such a great story in this.



Thanks to Tam and her family for not only letting me be a part of capturing your family but also allowing me to help design art for your walls! LOVE this little cluster and LOVE that we were able to add another session and make it look AWESOME!


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Bliss Studio Project Life Club

Im excited to keep a consistent schedule for Project Life this year! So we are starting off with a bang by adding a Project Life Club you can join! Don’t worry if joining the club is not for you…you can still enjoy Happy Hours at $10.00 per visit.  This is for 2015 and you can join the club as soon as you are ready. Ill be giving out the swag bags to members at our Feb Happy Hour. If you have been itching to come check out Project Life please let me know and I can make sure you are in invite list (via Facebook if you have a Facebook account).  These events are RSVP only so I can make sure I have room. If you are just wanting to stop by and check it out you are always welcome. First time attendees have a free pass! Here is the club member details. Here if you have any questions!



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Heather Burnes - Is this also for the PJL parties down in eugene? Are you still going to try for those?

bliss - This does not apply to anything I do in Eugene. Im not sure how many times Ill be able to make it down. Last year it was only once or twice :)

Jamie - What is the Bliss Project Life Print Special??

bliss - I have a special print pack for Project Lifers that they can get 3×4 prints for the album. Its a discounted package a little less than regular bliss pricing (and I don’t offer 3×4’s anyway…so this is a bonus). Its three 4×6 or six 3×4 prints (or any combo) for $69.00. Regular Price for three 4×6 prints is $93.00.

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Did you know that we offer boudoir sessions at Bliss? Its a bit of a taboo area I know…So we try not to blast it all over our website and blog. I like to keep it tasteful and proper as best as I can. Its that time of year though when people start thinking about getting something special for their loved one for Valentines Day. Plus its a good time of year to use the indoor studio since the weather is not the best.

Boudoir photography is a lot of fun. I have had many clients who were nervous about having a session but in the end had a great time and left with beautiful images. If you are interested in a session please pop me an email or give me a call and we can chat. We have special packages just for these sessions. And if you have a few friends who want to join…we can make it a pin up party! Im happy to share more information if you need it.

Last year (whoa…okay it was only just last november. Crazy that it is 2015…and “next” year) I had the pleasure of teaching a boudoir workshop for some fellow photographers. The event was held at the Kennedy School.  I take a different approach to boudoir photos by not using strobes (lights with a flash). I find that using strobes can be very intimating for my model. So instead I like to use my lights to make a more comforting atmosphere. This type of lighting can also create great contrast to give my images a little different look.

I wanted to share a couple photos from the event I taught with my beautiful model, Sophia. I used some natural light too that was streaming through the very large windows.  Please note that this session was shot at a hotel with vintage decor. It was a blast and totally possible if you want to book a hotel room:)However typically I have sessions at my studio. It all depends on what you are hoping for in the end. Also something to consider…..When people think boudoir they tend to think “naked” shots. You guys…Its not all about that. Its about capturing your beauty and for me to help you feel beautiful. This can be accomplished in many different ways. Its a celebration of you.  Sophia brought adorable props and outfits that really embraced the vintage feel of our location and what we were hoping for. We shot a range of “looks” and each and everyone one was capturing her beauty.

_MG_8060 _MG_8069





Again if you are interested in some boudoir photos let me know!


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Project Life explained by ME.

I have had soooo many people see my posts on Facebook recently about Project Life and have asked me what in the heck it was. So in hopes of helping people get a better understanding of what it is…Stacie and I have made a little video explaining it a bit. Im here if you are interested in joining the party:)Our next Happy Hour is Jan 18th 1pm-5pm. This Happy Hour will be complimentary. Please RSVP if you are planning on attending as I need to make sure I have enough tables/chairs set up for everyone. If you have any questions I am more than happy to answer! Enjoy the video…and no making fun of me! I always feel a little silly being on camera:)



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