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  • A little about me…

    I always feel a little silly writing about myself. Its much easier to write about my clients and recent sessions. But of course we have to start out the blog with a bio so you know me right? So what can I tell you about me? I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, Dan Harlacher and my beautiful one year old daughter Lily ( I have had Bliss Studio for about 14 years now...goodness! I LOVE photographing babies and kids and for some reason kids love me. I think they know something I don't! Enough about me. Its on to the good stuff. Thanks for taking a minute to check out the blog. I hope you enjoy reading and seeing a little of my life and what I LOVE.

    Life Out Loud...

Project Life Happy Hour!


Our next Project Life Happy Hour is Sunday, April 13th from 1-5.  This event is free and a good opportunity to come work on your Project Life Albums with some friends.  This is also a good time to stop in if you are just wanting to see what it is all about! We will have the Photo Cafe ready to use (computers are first come first serve) so you are also welcome to work on your photos during this time. I will be there to help get you started. If you have any questions please let me know. Otherwise if you are planning on attending the event please RSVP so I can make sure I have enough tables set up!  Hope to see you there!



Baby Luke…

I am always so proud of my mom’s who can bring their babies in the first 10 days.  ME? oh heavens no…Lennox got his pics at two weeks and I think Lily at three. However in my defense…I have to be recovered enough to do the shooting AND be the mom:) Baby Luke’s mom, Lesley looked amazing and managed to make it in with not only Luke but her three year old daughter, Reese. Yes…AMAZING. The shoot went great and we had lots of helpers to make sure it went smoothly! Even big sister Reese in all her adorableness got in on the action.  I love the little snuggly sibling shots. A huge thank you to Lesley for coming in! Your kiddos rocked their session! Hope things are going well for your family and you are all recovered!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Client Share

I really love it when my clients share their wall art with me! Im always so excited for them to get their pieces but I don’t get to see the finish of them decorating their homes!  Plus I like to share on here too!  These images are from a newborn session with baby Azreal! I love the rich warm tones we got in these images. It made beautiful wall art.  Thanks to Lorriane for sending these images and allowing me to share on the blog!  I love the creative ways you have them displayed! So beautiful!